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What Is An SEO Strategy?The question “What is an SEO strategy?” could come from your client, your team or web development specialist. Today, traditional brick and mortar businesses have discovered that unless they stay in step with technology and connect with customers, they will be out of the reckoning. Statistics reveal that 97% of clients who need a local business begin by searching for one online. More than 90% of searches in the UK happen on Google. If your business doesn’t feature on the first two search pages, it’s possible that it may not get noticed at all. This is where your SEO strategy has to kick in. At 2 Magpies, our team of young, dedicated and highly talented professionals can partner you in creating a unique, efficient and affordable SEO strategy to take your business goals forward.

In simple terms

SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is a plan to take your business website to a higher rank on the Google search pages. Our agency offers a strategy that increases your organic rankings through well-thought-out and effective planning. We avoid the so-called “black hat” strategies and underhand tactics such as keyword stuffing or link scraping. These may work in the short term, but Google algorithms will soon spot these tactics and your site could get penalized or even blacklisted. We believe that innovative design, easy navigation, simple yet elegant graphics and visuals, modern tech features and fresh, relevant, original content work best. This helps your site to remain at high rankings, while playing by the rules set by the search engine.

Other elements

Other important elements in your SEO strategy include relevant links, pertinent images, good quality content with excellent grammar, spelling and sentence formation. We ensure that your page titles are unique and relevant, and that your HTML is standards compliant and safe, with the right tags, headers and descriptions. Remember that content remains king, and your potential client will feel satisfied when they get the exact results that they looked for. Sturdy website architecture and security features are equally important. Our team takes the time and effort to understand your business, products, services and your client base to design the right SEO strategy.

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