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Web Design in MacclesfieldFor a web design in Macclesfield that works, you need a web designer that understands the purpose of your website and how to make it work as intended. At 2 Magpies our designers have perfected the strategy that will drive seekers to your website using the Google search engine. For instance, if you’re selling dream catchers and a customer Googles “dream catchers in Macclesfield” you want your name to pop up within the first ten on the search results list. We can do that for you but it’s only the beginning. Your website is the doorstep into your business. If visitors like what they see, they’ll stay and look around at your products. When your website is strategically designed it will work to convert that looker into a buyer.

Your web site has about 30 seconds to convince the visitor to stay on your site and learn more. So, in Macclesfield, web design for your site must be attractive and engaging. At 2 Magpies our designers use script, colour, photos and video that inspires interest. Important information is gleaned with a glance so the visitor knows your name, location, phone number and email address. Glorious photos of your product grace the page with brief descriptive script separated with space to prevent the cluttered look. A fast easy read with clear text and no squinting needed is a good goal. Now, your looker is interested enough to go to the pull-down menu and learn the details.

If your web design in Macclesfield displays a desirable product, priced right with guaranteed quality, this looker can be converted to a buyer. When we design your website, this moment of conversion is our goal. We can design your website to accept internet and phone orders. If you sell from a store then we want intriguing pictures of the interior and exterior of that store that will inspire them to pay a personal visit. Contact 2 Magpies for a consultation and let us demonstrate how we can help you grow your business with a smashing web page design. It’s not about art and design. It’s about art and design that works to attract customers.

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