WordPress Sites in CheshireWe use WordPress sites in Cheshire to create some of our websites as it is one of the most versatile open source content management systems available. It supports many types of web content including mailing lists, forums, media galleries and online stores. It has been running for over 15 years and is being used in more than 60 million web sites including around 30 per cent of the top ten million websites around the world. It has also been used for other application domains such as pervasive display systems. This wonderful system allows us to install and switch different themes which change the look and functionality of the website without altering the core content. It provides versatility to our web designers and our customers.

There are many ways to improve your customer satisfaction with your easy to use website. In Cheshire, WordPress sites make design and maintenance of your company website easy to use and change when needed. The website can be customised to enhance search engine optimisation as well as client portals that are used to display private information to logged-in users. It will also enable the use of widgets and navigation bars. Upgrading a WordPress system is easy and cost-effective and requires very little downtime.

We offer WordPress sites in Cheshire as well as SEO services along with web design, video production and social media services. Contact 2 Magpies today to improve your link via the latest media methods to your potential customers. We were established in 2010 and have been growing fast as people see our success rate. Our team understand the power of digital media and help our clients to use it to their advantage. We work to get your business on to page one of the search engines in your category. All of our clients see a rise in website visitors and enquiries within the first 2 months. We understand the needs and challenges of small businesses and care about making a success of all our client’s online presence. We meet with every customer once a month to review progress and discuss any changes in their requirements.