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WordPress Websites in OrmskirkWhy does it pay for small businesses to invest in WordPress websites in Ormskirk? According to Venture Beat, WordPress currently powers more than 25% of the Internet. Often regarded as a blogging site, WordPress is actually a content management system. Many digital agencies like us at 2 Magpies use WordPress to set up and launch business and Ecommerce websites. We also use this platform to create, manage, edit and publish content on your website. When new clients request us to build a website for their business, we often recommend using WordPress. Why? This software offers many advantages. Firstly, it is quite affordable. It costs a lot of money to hire a developer and opt for a customised HTML website, including annual hosting and maintenance fees.  For medium to large businesses this might not seem much but for a small, up and coming business it might throw off your budget. Secondly, you can build virtually any kind of website with any design or feature specification in mind. Just have a look at big brand sites like Sony Music, Bata or Xerox. These are all powered by WordPress. Lastly, as your business grows so will the functionality of your site. Luckily, WordPress has more than 43,000 plugins available which will enable you to scale your business.

For many small businesses in Ormskirk, WordPress websites have helped draw in many new customers. By using WordPress, we’ve been able to design customised and functional websites suitable to the client’s business. Our web designers are well-versed in the particularities of WordPress and will therefore design a website for your small business that will be easy to maintain later on. We endeavour to work closely with you and your budget so that you can gain the maximum benefits.

If you’re a small business who’s looking to grow by leaps and bounds, we recommend WordPress websites in Ormskirk. Give us a call at 2 Magpies and we’ll help you build a stunning website. Apart from building your site, we’d be happy to offer you our SEO development, video production and social media reputation management services.

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