WordPress Sites in CheshireWhen you need top-quality services to help you set up WordPress sites in Cheshire, contact the specialists. At 2Magpies, we know how important it is for small and medium-sized businesses to ensure that they have a robust and memorable presence on the Internet. Today, with the UK emerging as the third largest e-commerce market in the world, sales crossed the £500 million mark in 2015. The figures for the biggest online retailers in the UK for 2017 have topped more than 80 billion US dollars. The UK also has the highest penetration of online sales in Europe. Given these facts, why should your small/medium business lag behind? The key to staying current and relevant is a great website that not just brings customers in, but also retains them and keeps them returning to it. Our talented and experienced team at 2Magpies has the expertise and hands-on knowledge to leverage the power of the ‘Net and turn it to your advantage.

We focus on our clients getting a wider and deeper connection with their own customers. In Cheshire, WordPress sites are the simplest, most affordable and smartest way to launch your business presence. This content management system (CMS) is now the largest and most popular one in the market, with more than 31% of websites using it. The reasons are not hard to find. It is a very user-friendly CMS, because of its roots in blogging and use of Open Source software. There are more than 50,000 free/paid plug-ins available that help you customize your website. If you want premium themes or extensions, you need to pay for them.

WordPress sites in Cheshire are great for your small or medium business because they allow you to stay in charge, with our young and dynamic team to support you. Contact 2 Magpies for more information about WordPress sites. WordPress promotes best practices like SEO, with a variety of great plug-ins available in this sector. Similarly, there is a huge selection of themes with mobile-consistent features too. Because of its popularity, most third-party tools have integration to it, including email marketing and CRM software, and payment gateways.