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SEO Company in EcclesBy hiring the right SEO company in Eccles you can give your business that turbo-charge of extra visibility.

At 2 Magpies, our personalised, bespoke solutions are tailored to be in sync with your needs, preferences and budget. We specialise in providing solutions that help your company achieve high ranking in search ads and mobile ads. Most small business owners may not be aware that 97% of prospective customers who want a local service first conduct an on-line search and an overwhelming majority of searches in the UK are based on Google. Most people click only on the top 10 items on the search list, and if your business doesn’t make it to the first page, you could be missing out.

Our trained, qualified, experienced and innovative team can help small and medium sised companies to jump the search engine rankings using the right strategies. As a small but fast-growing North West based firm, in Eccles SEO company services provided by us are based in our passion for digital. We don’t make claims or promises that we can’t back up with action. Our customers value us for our complete transparency, regular communication and commitment. We conduct regular meetings with our clients to review progress, discuss strategy, tweak the on-going processes and explore new frontiers in promoting their businesses on-line. In today’s technology driven world, it’s impossible to survive without an in-depth understanding of the new ways of doing business. We understand our customers’ needs and provide them with bespoke, in sync solutions.

As the leading SEO company in Eccles, 2 Magpies believes in keeping abreast and ahead of trends. SEO and marketing are now more interlinked than ever before. This means organisations have to move their marketing and SEO teams closer to ensure more traffic and to translate more clicks to cash. Some of the traditional SEO norms like ensuring more keywords in content still hold good. When you need the assistance of an SEO company, contact 2 Magpies. What’s new today is that more and more business is being conducted via smartphone and mobile platforms. Social media, images and videos are the norm. We help you continue to ride the new wave.

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