SEO Company in Liverpool2 Magpies is a Search Engine Optimised or SEO company in LIverpool.

SEO is the process used when developing a website to maximise web traffic to your website. Most website searches are performed using free search engines. Of those searches, at least 90% use Google Search. So, if you want to be found on the web, you need a strong presence on Google and a web design and management company that know how to make that happen. At 2 Magpies, we understand what prospective customers for your specific business are looking for and as a Google Partner, we make sure your business website is prominent in the free search results. Building a website that grabs one of the first 25 spots on the search results list is essential. Once accomplished, we manage your site to maintain and then improve your position.

At 2 Magpies, our focus for your website is on quality relevant content and user friendliness. For maximum effectiveness in Liverpool, SEO company 2 Magpies makes sure your website is easy to navigate, answers the questions seekers need and contain all related information with internal links so no user is directed away from your site to find relevant content. Your website has to be interesting, and that’s where our gifted designers come in. Too many words bore the reader. Content needs short descriptive headings; succinct, informative content; visuals that clarify not distract and no duplicate or repetitive information. Your site should be available for stationary and mobile devices with equal ease and allow the reader interactive communication.

Your SEO company in LIverpool, 2 Magpies, is alert to underhanded practices common to the industry. Have you ever clicked on a weblink to view a company only to find you have been diverted to a completely different website? Common keywords and phrases used effectively on your website may be more effective on someone else’s website so they must be chosen carefully. If you key in Plumbers, Google now tops the list with those in your local vicinity. So is your audience local, regional or global? Contact 2 Magpies and arrange a consultation so we can show you how we design websites which drive customers to your site. Traffic is evaluated monthly, and the website is tweaked as necessary for top results.