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Affordable SEO in Urmston We’re your affordable SEO in Urmston that lets you compete in the digital market alongside the big businesses. The big businesses have a specialised tech team dedicated to digital marketing as part of their advertising department. Their full-time job is to create, monitor, tweak and recreate marketing campaigns that will reach online customers in search of their products and services. Today, those online customers make up about 95% of the buying public. So, how’s a small or medium-sized business going to tap into that customer base and compete with the big boys? Retain us as your external experts on web sales and marketing to get your name recognised.

We work with all business clients of all types and sizes to get the most from their marketing and advertising budget. For instance, in Urmston, affordable SEO services are one of our specialities. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and that’s what we do. We promote your business on the web so customers in search of your kind of goods or services will find you. You have probably done many google searches for one thing or another. If so, then you know that you could get a million options in 30 seconds. How do you wind your way through such a list and select one from all the rest? The truth is you don’t; you just scan the first five or ten. So how do you get your name in the shortlist instead of page 100?

That’s where 2 Magpies and affordable SEO in Urmston is most effective. We set up your business web page and add content that drives the search to your information. Ultimately, you want to be on the first or second page. It’s a gradual process but very effective. You’ll see increased traffic on your website within 3 months and it will steadily increase as we add, tweak and monitor your website. We sit down with each of our clients once a month to evaluate, assess and plan to keep the momentum going and increase the number of customers to your web address. Contact us – we can answer all your questions and discuss expectations. If your business cannot be digitally found and quickly, we can change that for you. It is how we grow businesses today.

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