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SEO Company in Handforth As an SEO company in Handforth, we work with small to medium-sized businesses. If you, as a small business owner, have been trying to maintain a website and keep it interesting, you are to be congratulated. You know the new customers you want are out there on the internet and so that’s where you need to be. Getting there and getting found is not so easy and it’s time-consuming. There are critical factors, known and understood mostly by professionals, to getting found on the internet. It’s their job to stay up to date and monitor the progress of the companies they represent. Large companies have their own digital director on staff to manoeuvre their position on the internet.

Your small to medium company can gain the competitive edge in digital awareness and opportunities by hiring their own digital experts. In Handforth, our SEO company can do for your company what a full technology staff does for a large company. We work with many small companies so we fit into most budgets. When you retain our services, we begin with a consultation. We clarify for you we use techniques to drive potential customers to your website first. When someone uses a Google search to find a business or service like yours, you want to be in the top ten of the search results. We will show you how we can make that happen for your company.

As your SEO company in Handforth, we’ll meet with you monthly to measure your progress and discuss new options. Most of our customers see an increase in new customer interest within the first 3 months. We’ll help you create an effective website and use social media to achieve your goals. You need to run your business not spend time learning how internet platforms and social media can be used to promote your success. That’s our job and we have decades of experience in this ever changing industry. Contact 2 Magpies and give us the opportunity to describe for you how we can help you grow your business. There’s no obligation but if you give us a try, we think you’ll like the results.

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