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SEO Agency in Hale Barns 2 Magpies, our SEO agency in Hale Barns, offers the essential service of pointing customers in your direction. Your potential customers must be able to find you before they can become your customers. There is such a mass of information in front of us all the time. The information mass is constantly rotating, changing and, like a snowball rolling downhill, getting bigger. How will customers find your CPA firm, your plumbing service or your music school? A nice sign above your door is good. Word of mouth referrals is found treasure. However, to succeed in today’s digital climate, you need a digital presence if you are to grow your business.  You live in a small town and there is a local newspaper and a local radio station. You may have decided that your business doesn’t need any more exposure than that.

If you are satisfied with your current profits and your stream of new customers increases each month, then good for you. If that’s not true of your business in Hale Barns, an SEO agency can create a digital presence for your company. That presence will help you stand out from the massive crowd of others that are offering the same goods or services you do.  Most people find their goods and services providers by performing a Google Search. The search instantly lists pages and pages of businesses just like yours. If your business is on page 2, you probably won’t get found. If you are on page five, you will never be found because people usually only look as far as the first page before they make a choice.

 At our SEO agency in Hale Barns, we want to help put your business on the first page for your geographical area. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We’ll help you build a website that is attractive and informative to potential customers. We will use text on your website that will cause the Google search engine to find your business quickly. When potential customers google ‘hair salon in my area’, you want your salon to show up on the first page. That’s what we do. SEO drives people to your website. Our clients generally see an increase of traffic to their website within the first 3 months. We build on that continuously so there is a steady increase in potential customers all the time. Contact 2 Magpies for a consultation. Let us show you how we work and why we can help you grow your business.

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