Digital Agency in Manchester Consider hiring a digital agency in Manchester to improve the competitiveness of your business. Some of the most successful businesses in the North West use digital platforms to boost their sales. You should take time to review what the local digital agencies can offer you before hiring one. Today, it is not enough to simply set up a website for your business. Your agency should be able to optimise your website for visibility. This is important because about 97% of your potential customers begin their search for local business services online. Yet, less than 10% of them look beyond the first page of google searches.

The agency you decide to work with should be proficient in web design, search engine optimisation and social media management. In Manchester, digital agency work is very competitive. This is because many business owners don’t have the time to manage their websites directly. Our company has been actively helping local businesses to establish vibrant websites since 2010. We don’t work with generic templates but develop bespoke solutions for each client. As such we develop websites that simply reflect your identity exactly as it is from your storefront to your desktop. When you work with us, your website will communicate your specific values and uphold your integrity.

As a leading digital agency in Manchester, we will work with you to ensure that your website is a success. As part of our service, we will make arrangements to meet with you every month. During our meetings, we go over any changes or updates you would like to implement. We also consider new opportunities to promote your business further. Our experience has exposed us to a wide variety of businesses and online marketplaces. Having our roots in the North West gives us the best perspective on how to bridge the two worlds. Contact 2 Magpies today for more information about our services and rates. We have a friendly team waiting on the line to receive you with open arms.