SEO in WarringtonYou may need a company that offers SEO in Warrington, especially with the advance of technology and a new way of doing business. New business does not come through the traditional methods of looking for a supplier in a phone book, it is rather found online.  To understand this you need to be aware of how people look for services today. 97% of customers needing a local business will first search online. 91% of searches in the UK are done on the Google search engine. Of these, 92% of users only look through the top 10 or first page results. If your business does not appear on this page then you are missing out on prospective business and the majority of customer enquiries.

Any business that operates in the UK today will need to have a web page. In Warrington, SEO teams will help to refine your search terms to get you onto the first page of a search for your type of business in your area. One of the first things we do is to find out what your core business or services are. We then research the search terms people are using to find a company like yours. We choose the ones most likely to generate leads for you and although we may have to refine them, we find all of our customers see a rise in website visitors and enquiries within the first two months. If you do not have an efficient online presence you are losing a lot of business.

We are a fast-growing, professional company that offers SEO in Warrington. Contact 2 Magpies today and one of our expert team will visit your business. We also specialise in Web design that will attract and retain visitors converting them into potential business for your company. We also help to promote your business on social media so that you can acquire and retain customers. Our video production section has grown over time as there are now over 1 billion hours of video consumed monthly around the world. This is becoming one of the most important marketing tools as many people prefer to be shown details about a product than read about them. Let us show you how we can improve your business.