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SEO in SalfordYou do need SEO in Salford if you own a business of any size. How else will your potential customers find you? Really, think about that; how will customers discover you exist and have a product or service they want and need? Even if you have a brick and mortar store with a sign over the door and you’re listed in the phone book you’re only going to attract a small fraction of the customers out there. If you work from home, you won’t even get those. Word of mouth and referrals is always a great source of business but how many people do you actually know? You have to have an online presence to compete and at 2 Magpies, we can give that to you in the most successful way possible.

Here are the facts; 97% search for businesses online and of those, 91% use Google search engine to find local providers of goods and services. In Salford, SEO (search engine optimised) is how Google ranks and displays businesses. There may be a hundred potential businesses from which you can choose. 92% will only check the first ten which are on the first page that comes up when you hit “search”. It’s likely you’ve exercised this option yourself when looking for a barber, nail salon, pet care, hardware store, attorney and everything else. But you didn’t look them up by name because you didn’t know their name. The keywords you used to search is how those first ten came up in that order.

So, how do you get on page one of a Google search using SEO in Salford? You can contact 2 Magpies and schedule a free consultation. We can show you how people search for your type of business. We use words and phrases on your website that searchers are likely to use in their search. If you are a house painter searchers will use many words and phrases to find a local painter. If those words and phrases are repeatedly found on your website, your business to going to come up. Our goal is to get you on page one. If your business doesn’t show up there you’re missing most opportunities to convert searchers to buyers. It won’t happen overnight but you will see a rise in your internet traffic within two months. We’ve been in business since 2010. We know and understand the technology that will help your business grow.

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