WordPress Sites in HalifaxIf you run WordPress sites in Halifax, then you can enjoy the full services of 2 Magpies. We are a fast growing digital agency with expertise in SEO, video production, social media management and web design. When it comes to the digital world we are pleased to say that we have both the experience and the knowledge. WordPress is one of the largest and most powerful website content management systems (CMS). Around 30% of the websites running on the internet use WordPress. Famous news outlets, blogs and music sites use the website content management system to publish on the internet. Some of the big names include The New York Times blog, TechCrunch and CNN’s on-air personality blogs. WordPress is a versatile CMS hence its unmatched popularity.

Among businesses in Halifax, WordPress sites range from blogging, e-commerce and business websites to portfolio websites. On WordPress, you can set up just about anything. However, 2 Magpies is here to ensure your website not only meets your expectations but also gets the traction it needs. It is true that WordPress has made it easy to set up a website for your business or personal use. Nonetheless, the development of a captivating website is all left to the user. The CMS does provide options but it takes a professional hand to set up a quality website. Our extensive knowledge of SEO allows us to design websites that are effective and captivating. We encourage user engagement and make web surfing user-friendly.  In our website development process, we strike a balance between simplicity and authenticity to deliver great designs that set the perfect impression for your online business or blog.

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