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Wordpress Websites in KnutsfordWordPress websites in Knutsford started as a do-it-yourself website builder and attracted a lot of bloggers. Over time it has morphed into a valuable tool used by major website designers and large corporations. Professional web designers, such as ourselves at 2 Magpies combine our expertise and client specific logos with many ingenious designs found on WordPress. Large corporations like Disney, celebrities including Katy Perry and even the Harvard University Graduate School of Design have used the tools offered by WordPress to create their stunning websites. When you come to 2 Magpies for your small to medium business website design, we’ll review their offerings together as part of the design plan.

At 2 Magpies we have highly creative web designers to build your website. In Knutsford, WordPress websites is a great platform on which to build. We’ll use our designs, combined with your logo and colours and incorporate some of the tools available on WordPress. Building your business website is a critical first step because that’s where you make your first impression. Once your website is up and running 2 Magpies will link your social media accounts. We monitor and manage your website to maximise your presence on the web. Using search engine optimisation and frequent updates we follow Google guidelines to move your company up the search list so your potential customers find you.

Your WordPress website in Knutsford is where your potential customers will decide to do business with you or not. You have about 30 seconds to dazzle your reader with everything they need to know about your company. Our job is to make sure your website is captivating, informative and user-friendly. We’ll monitor the traffic flow to your website for visitors and conversions. We’ll consult with you to measure your increased customer activity and make adjustments as needed to assure continued growth. Contact 2 Magpies and make an appointment for a consultation. We want to show you how our WordPress website designs work to grow your business. A website may look great but if it’s not designed to draw customers to your business then it just a pretty poster.

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