Website Design in ManchesterYour business needs a website design in Manchester that captivates visitors to your site. We offer a comprehensive service that drives customers to your website using search engine optimised (SEO) techniques that move your company name to the top of the list. Once your potential customers find your website you need to hold their attention long enough to convince them to do business with you. You know you have the product or service they want at a fair price with quick and easy customer service. How will you get them to click on ‘buy’? You have about 7 seconds to grab their attention with the layout of information on your website and answer their main questions.

A glance at your website should answer the initial questions of who you are, what product or service you sell, the price range and delivery time. In Manchester, website design is your most important advertising and marketing tools. If you can hold the potential customers attention for a few seconds you have the opportunity to convert them from a looker to a customer. You want the graphics and headlines to grab their attention so they’ll linger and read more about your product or service. At 2 Magpies our website designers can design a website for your business that will work to draw the customers in, encourage them to learn more about you and convert a certain percentage to customers.

Your website design in Manchester cannot be boring. You want it to be attractive but even that won’t serve you unless the strategy of the design is spot on to draw and keep visitors long enough to convert them to customers. Web design is part creative writing, part catchy but clear presentation of the service or product, part artistic design using colours and graphics. Those parts then must be strategically placed so the visitor sees the page as a whole and gets his answers with a glance. If you make the print hard to read, the graphics confusing and crowd too much on a page, you stand to quickly lose the customers attention. Contact 2 Magpies and let us show you what we can do to bring your website to life.  Web design is an art form based on understanding the complexities of the consumer.