Wordpress Websites in StockportGive your local business a leg up with top-quality WordPress websites in Stockport.At 2 Magpies, we believe in staying abreast and ahead of the curve so that our clients get the maximum benefits. We help you leverage the power of search engines, social media, optimised web design and video production to translate them into solid revenues for your business. Today, even the biggest corporations cannot afford to ignore the power of Internet based searches and direct interaction with real customers. Social media has radically transformed the way in which businesses and customers interact. Acquiring and retaining customers, holding their interest in your company and products and ensuring that they enjoy the experience of dealing with your organisation have become paramount in the global economy.

For businesses in Stockport, WordPress websites can be an effective tool in your marketing campaign. Since its inception in 2003, when it started out as a blogger-focused platform, WordPress is today one of the most popular customer interaction interfaces. Today, it powers more than 30% of websites on the Internet. It is freely available as an OpenSource code and so are many of its plugins and themes. If you comply with licensing terms, you can freely use, distribute and customise the themes to suit your needs and preferences. WordPress is also extremely transparent about updates and its  development processes. One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress websites is that you become part of a huge and growing community of CMS (content management systems).

There are thousands of themes and plugins available when you use WordPress websites in Stockport. This makes it easy to customise websites and create unique, interesting and memorable features. It is very easy to install and you receive regular updates on all new developments. For more details about WordPress sites, contact 2 Magpies. Being so user-friendly, any reasonably tech-savvy person can use WordPress, making it one of the most affordable platforms. Development, maintenance and support, along with advanced security plugins are part of the WordPress ecosystem. Most importantly, WordPress has a good suite of SEO plugins to optimise content, metatags. All these features make it a boon for local businesses.