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Best SEO Company in CheshireDo you have the best SEO company in Cheshire?  If your answer is yes we hope it’s for the right reasons. It’s great if they are nice people, patient when you call, and have low rates.  The right reason is the traffic to your website has increased because your company is more visible. If you are with the best SEO company you don’t have to call them to find out what’s being done to promote your business. Our SEO company, 2 Magpies, has one goal; get our clients noticed. We do monthly updates with our clients and chart the upward progress of potential customers to their website. During our meetings we’ll discuss new ideas we can implement to keep visitors interested and increase traffic to your site.

The best SEO company gets results which is  what you need. In Cheshire, best SEO Company 2 Magpies does not fill your head with unrealistic promises. We think you’ll be pleased with the realistic promises we do make. We work with Google because 97% of people first search online for a local business. Of those, 91% use Google search engine to conduct their search. 92% of all customers using a search engine to find products and services locally review the first ten listed. So our job is to get Your Business Inc. in the top ten. One critical technique is keywords; We have a team of search engine optimised writers adding new articles to your website frequently. Each article uses some of the many words and combination of words a customer might use to do a Google search for your business.

The best SEO company in Cheshire will keep the words flowing that direct the searchers to you. The more variations of  “photographer”, family photographer in Cheshire, “photographer for all occasions”, “portrait photographer” “wedding photographer and more appears on your website the more likely your company will pop up first on a Google search. Those are some of the most common keywords used by people seeking a photographer. Our designers create a fascinating webpage for you so once the searcher finds you, your website will hold his attention and pique his interest. That’s when your opportunity to convert the seeker to a customer arrives. Call us and let’s talk about how we drive the customer to your website.  We don’t produce SEO articles for your website a few times and done.

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