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Best SEO Company in HandforthYou probably want the best SEO company in Handforth because that will likely lead to the best results. Results is why you’re shopping around for a SEO company in the first place. All the recommended steps have been taken to promote your small contracting business or online custom jewellery products. A buddy built a web page full of information about your product and services. Included are photos and customer rating opportunities. You set up a Facebook page but you haven’t updated it for months and the few comments posted are a year old. Nobody seems to be visiting your website and business hasn’t increased. Maybe you could update your social media but who has time for that? Besides, all the information anyone could need is already out there. Unfortunately nobody can find you.

2 Magpies is our SEO company service for small to medium sized business and has been for the last ten years. Do a Google search in Handforth; best SEO company. In the first ten listings that pop up on your search results page, the company most referred to is ours. Google your product or services in your hometown and if your company is not in the top ten then you need our professional and highly recommended services to get found. You found our company because of the key words judiciously used repeatedly on our website. Each led to our name, location and type of service. There are hundreds of keywords and combination of keywords people will use to search for a product or service.

The search engine optimization part of our best SEO company in Handforth is putting together those combinations of keywords so all searches for your services, products and geographic area lead to your website. Contact 2 Magpies; we’re very good at what we do and our reasonable cost is the best money you’ll spend on promoting your business. You’ll see an increase in traffic right away but we’ll evaluate your increased exposure each month. We want to continue to improve your keyword combinations until Google search results lands your company on the first page. Then we want to keep you there. Once the searcher clicks on your website on the search results page you have a new opportunity to convert him from a searcher to a buyer. You’ll like the return on your investment.

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