SEO Company in SalfordMerely creating a website is just not enough, that’s why you need the services of the right SEO company in Salford.

At 2 Magpies, we have nearly a decade’s experience in understanding, analyzing and harnessing the power of search engine optimization (SEO). We help you boost the visibility and presence of your business on the Net. Our talented team can ensure that we use all our experience, expertise and knowledge to benefit your business needs. Being a local business, we understand the compulsions, drive and needs of a small or medium sized enterprise. It’s a challenge to compete with large international franchises and big names, but that’s where we can step in.

Ensuring that you are noticed and remembered on-line is crucial to your business’s growth, health, sustainability and development. In Salford, SEO company services help you stand out in the digital marketplace. Earlier the sales process began with someone picking up the phone and calling your desk but today, it begins immediately as the prospective client logs into his/her computer. Buying decisions have changed dramatically over the last few years. Today, more than 85% of consumers look on-line first before they step into a mall or a high-street shop. Leads are being generated on-line at breakneck speed and your website has to be smarter and swifter to grab them. For instance, a local carpenter or roofer’s clients would first search for a service + place name unless they actually know the name of your business. This means your business needs to feature on page one of the search engine. Hardly anyone searches beyond the first one or two pages and this fact has to be kept in mind while creating the right keywords and SEO features.

SEO companies in Salford can also help to convert those website visits into hard sales and revenue for your business. The main concepts that ensure effective SEO services are relevance, authority and genuineness. When you need the services of an SEO company, contact 2 Magpies. Our services include SEO, web designing, social media platforms and video production, which are all geared to help you acquire, service and retain customers.