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SEO Company in Alderley Edge

SEO Company in Alderley EdgeBusinesses new and old benefit from an SEO company in Alderley Edge.

Maybe you paid a lot of money to have a website designed for you because you know where the action is for business today. It’s probably a gorgeous website too complete with crystal clear photos, a short introductory video and colours that scream professional. You even have a counter on your website so you know how many people visit your site each day. How are those numbers? How many more customers are you averaging each month because of your website? You may see little or no increase in customers because nobody can find you in the crowd that a search engine generates in seconds. You were right to have a website built, but the job is only half done.

Your company paints boats, so Google Boat Painters in Alderley Edge and 149,000 results will pop up in less than one second. You may not see your company listed because in Alderley Edge, SEO Company 2 Magpies is not managing your website. Alderley Edge has a population under 5,000 so you may be surprised at the amount of competition there is. Are you still scrolling through that list of 149,000 looking for your name? How far do you think a potential customer will scroll down before selecting a name and making the call? You likely would stop with the first ten or fifteen. Obviously your goal for your business is to be listed in the top 20 search results. Search Engine Optimised (SEO) 2 Magpies know how to get your company found and drive potential customers to your website.

2 Magpies, your SEO company in Alderley Edge uses proven strategies to isolate the search terms potential customers use that will drive them to your site. The object is to get your business on page one and that may not happen overnight. You will see an increase in traffic to your website in eight to ten weeks. We will meet with you monthly to test our progress and fine tune our strategies. Everything we do for our clients has one goal; generate more customers for our clients. Contact 2 Magpies; we know how to make your online presence successful. Other tools we use to compliment SEO is web design, video production and social media. We make it all work together to drive customers to your website, capture their attention and inspire them to call your number.

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