SEO Company in NantwichYou are starting a new business and the first thing you need is an SEO company in Nantwich to help get found on the web.

2 Magpies is just the search engine optimisation company you need. Here is what we will do for your business: We give your business a presence on the web so potential customers can find you when they key in search terms in a search engine. If a customer puts “Electrician” in a Google search engine hundreds, maybe thousands, of electricians will come up. Your electrical company may or may not. For potential customers living in Nantwich, a search of “Electrician in Nantwich” will bring up several pages of electricians. Yours may be there but if it’s not on the first 3 pages, it’s likely nobody will find you. You want to be near the top of the list because a potential customer usually chooses from the first ten.

To move your company up the list on a web search, your web page needs to be optimised. For our clients in Nantwich, our SEO company accomplishes this by using internet marketing strategies to identify algorithms to find how the website search engine works, adding content to your website, maybe editing content using keywords most commonly used by customers for the search. We add HTML which influences how the web page behaves. We remove barriers to reaching your site and promote your site to direct searchers. Interactive pages may be imbedded so the customer can communicate with you, order products and more.

An SEO company in Nantwich will track the traffic to your website, conversion rate from lookers to buyers and make adjustments go along the way to further optimise the site. You are informed every step of the way of progress and changes. The goal is to be found, capture the customers’ attention and build your customer base. Contact 2 Magpies and let us show you what we can do to help you capture your share of the market. Our goal is your business success and the success of all of our clients. We too operate a business and our success depends on yours. We have the tools and skills that give our clients an edge against their competition.