SEO Company in ManchesterAn SEO company in Manchester is what your new or growing business needs in order to drive traffic to your site.

According to its definition, using a search engine optimisation company will help make your site search-engine friendly and more visible on the interwebs. Your content will appear as a top result when certain key words are used for specific searches, granted your content is in line with what is being searched for. A digital agency like 2 Magpies helps you achieve the above.

For your online site in Manchester, an SEO company will consider what search engines are looking for in order to optimise a site. One thing they look at is relevancy. Relevant results are obtained due to certain internal algorithms including a searcher’s location, search history and time of day. The quality of your content plays another huge role. As much as keywords will help propel traffic to your site, your content is considered much more important. Producing content for actual human beings and not to trigger the search engine is more viable and will keep people coming back time and time again. Additionally, the user experience can make or break your site. If the site does manage to appear on the coveted first page of a search engine but it isn’t easily navigable or have relevant linking content, it will suffer just as much if not more than if didn’t appear there to begin with. Your site speed and cross-device compatibility are two other factors that can put you at an advantage in search engines as well. Having your site load quickly and optimised for viewing across various screens will leave a wonderful impression on your visitors and will encourage recommendations to other users.

2 Magpies is the SEO Company in Manchester you never knew you needed. We will endeavour to first understand what your business offers then research on the specific search terms people are using on various search engines in order to centre in on the ones most likely to generate lead for you. We will also help you explore new opportunities to promote your business online. If this sounds good to you, contact 2 Magpies today. Find out how we can help your business to grow.