Website Design in MacclesfieldYour website design in Macclesfield is your first chance to make a good first impression.

You won’t always meet new clients face to face. They may get your name from a current customer or just Google search the goods or services you offer. Either way, when they click on the link to your website, this important tool has seconds to make a positive impression and another minute to convince them to call the phone number you posted. Please note; before anybody can click on your website link from a Google search, your website has to be there on the first two or three pages. Few people look further than that before making their decision to call.

Making sure your website shows up on the first two pages of a search and grabs the searchers attention depends on the designer and manager of your site. For businesses expecting action in Macclesfield, website design by 2 Magpies delivers. We know what grabs the attention of searchers and display the information we know they want to see within the first ten seconds. Website trends change often and our designers stay tuned in to the latest ideas so they can make timely upgrades to websites. There are always new tools like virtual reality, high quality video and redesigned navigation. However, ease of navigation and a clear, uncluttered message is primary. The onset of user frustration will send your website visitor away.

Avoid user frustration by contracting with 2 Magpies for website design in Macclesfield. The purpose of a website is to attract potential customers to your site and convert them to actual customers. We develop the strategy to accomplish that goal in an informative and easy to navigate site. When we started our business in 2010, we determined that customer service would go beyond designing and monitoring their website. We work alongside our customers to measure and track the impact our work has on your business. Contact 2 Magpies and you will always be informed regarding the effect of your website on profits. Frequent evaluation and meetings tell us if we need to upgrade or change strategy to generate the most traffic to your website. Since your website may be the only chance you get to make an impression, call 2 Magpies and make it a good one.