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Website Design in LiverpoolConsider 2 Magpies for your website design in Liverpool when you need attract customers to your business.  After all, isn’t that the point of having a website? You want the potential customers that use Google Search to find your local products and services. We focus on Google Search because over 90% of UK searches use that search engine to find everything they’re looking for. You probably use it yourself. If you have, then you might know searching “bicycle shops in Liverpool” will cause about 1,320,000 results in less than one second. Nobody is likely to check out each result. Over 90% of searchers review the first page alone; that lists about 10 businesses. The first page offers enough choice to make a selection.

As a local business hoping to attract local customers, what page do you want to be on? In Liverpool, 2 Magpies can get you that coveted spot. For that we begin with search engine optimisation or SEO which tells us which search terms will drive the most customers to you. “Bicycle shops in Liverpool” does you little good if yours is a bicycle resale shop. We need to include words like second-hand, used, resale, trade-in, exchange and more to move you into the top ten. Zeroing in on the most effective terms will quickly result in increased traffic to your website. The repeated use of those terms in multiple patterns on your website drives the search engine and the searcher to your home page.

Once we’ve directed searchers to your home page, the website design in Liverpool must capture their interest. AT 2 Magpies, we design an attractive, easily read and informative website for you. Our services are not one-and-done but ongoing. We meet regularly with our clients to evaluate and discuss what’s working well and where changes are needed. Even if your business reaches the top spot on the search, we still have to work to keep it there. We do that by changing up text information, videos, expanding into social media and more. We monitor the results of changes, always striving for increased traffic. Contact 2 Magpies for experienced and professional website design and maintenance for your small to medium business. We represent some of the finest businesses throughout the North West. Why not yours?

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