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Website Company in HaleIf your business still has no website and you are still in business, you need our website company in Hale. At 2 Magpies we are dedicated to bringing your business information out on the web where your customers are. When was the last time you searched a phone book to find a local plumber? Almost nobody does that anymore; they search on Google. The plumber you want likely doesn’t pay for phone book adverts anyway. He or she is investing their advertising money where it will reach the largest number of potential customers; on the internet. Customers prefer the web search for your services because they can learn everything they need to know about you and your services in text and in pictures. Searching through newspaper adverts, phone books and even personal referrals is like a shot in the dark. A search engine optimised (SEO) website reveals your unique qualities.

Perhaps you agree that a web page is your major source of new business. You followed a free design template and built your own but can’t get noticed. For small to medium businesses in Hale, website company 2 Magpies is the secret to not getting lost in the shuffle. The secret is Search Engine Optimisation. For instance; using plumbers as our example, search for  “plumbers in Hale”. You likely got ten pages or more. How many of those pages are you going to read before you select?  Now Google your own business. How many pages until your name pops up? Hire our professional website company and get noticed. Google search is an important tool if you know how to optimise your web pages. At 2 Magpies, we have the secrets.

Our successful website company in Hale offers more to our clients than being found on the web. We design SEO web pages that work. Using our graphics, colour, animation, inspired text and talented layout skills, your website will grab the customer’s attention. From there we lead them, using seamless links, through all the reasons they should choose you. We only have seconds to capture their interest with the first page and our success rate is gratifying for us and our clients. Contact 2 Magpies and let us show you how we optimise your website so your small business is first, found on the web and then grabs and holds the customers attention.

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